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We started MPA Academies as we felt many performing arts schools/theatre schools lack authenticity with dated teaching techniques, too much discipline, cheesy performances and teachers with no real passion in their work, allowing students to be “ok” as performers as long as they smile. But we wanted more; we wanted to bring fun, passion and great teaching back to performing; with every child understanding that they can be exceptional if they work hard and are fearless. With a focus on the positive and mutual respect, MPA kids have a voice; in class, they can be whoever they want to be and no one will judge as we are all working towards the same goal.

We also feel strongly about teachers; we want our students to get the best training and guidance possible. It’s important to learn the correct techniques and every teacher we will ever have at MPA is, and will be of the highest standard. 

Finally, self-belief. We believe the most important asset you can have in today’s world is self-belief. Some of our students might grow up to be dancers, singers or actors, but some might take a different career path; and one thing is clear. If our students believe in themselves, they can conquer the world!

Welcome to the world of MPA